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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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watching r t it's a night of war dragging on for a decade the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan passes the ten year mark for the taliban defeat nowhere in sight and a human cost that's rising faster than ever. meanwhile in the u.k. enough's enough say protesters calling for a speedy troop withdrawal they gather in london for mark the afghan war the tenth anniversary. and to corporate sentiment spreads fast across the u.s. the occupy wall street movements criticized for lacking all guys they should it says it's far from chaotic and it's even for the long haul as we report.
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this is r.t. from moscow it's ten pm here now saturday evening my name is kevin owen and first the u.s. led war in afghanistan is now past the ten year mark it's been widely dubbed the decade of failure with nato troops no closer to victory over the taliban and human cost though keeps rising both among the soldiers and the afghan civilians who demand an end to the aimless war of the violence it brings down on the jason reports for r.t. . another day in afghanistan so the battle for more casualties despite official claims that the war is being won two thousand and eleven is lining up to be the deadliest yet for u.s. forces fighting to tame the decade long taliban insurgency took place to improve medical capabilities casualties who would have perished in previous conflicts are
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surviving but these two soldiers one patrol in a vehicle one room side bomb exploded beneath him it took less than half an hour for many of a crew to pick them up by helicopter and deliver them to the trauma ward at kandahar air field one of the country's busiest their injuries are bad but not extreme nummi will most likely stay on base until they've recovered more severe cases such as it continues or flimsy germany for treatment right you guys can go and this is still it was built to save critically injured american troops fresh from the front lines but doctors here also treat afghan civilians caught in the war's crossfire with nowhere else to go for help nine year old wally was shot in the head by a stray bullet earlier this year when u.s. marines get into a firefight with the taliban his village in helmand province the bullet shattered part of his skull and would have killed him if not for emergency surgery in six months dr min park says he's treated more than a fair share of afghan bystanders mostly gunshot and bomb blast victims in this
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follow up operation he and his team are reconstructing the boy's forehead with a titanium mission that will restore his appearance so i started work i have. one eye i was right i think the difference is that this i. very likely your story starts. additional. in the recovery ward well his father says that while he's sure it was a u.s. marine well it was his son he's grateful for the first question that has ricin which added what i'm just happy that he's ok this shooting. as we speak so these computer accident are not the enduring insurgency suggests that no amount of good will can compensate for civilian casualties that continue to climb each month into work runs on to some workload. for two. drug productions increased dramatically since the foreign intervention began and the
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country remains the world's largest source of opium a former chief of staff for the u.s. secretary of state says american forces are turning a blind eye to the problem because they fear more resistance who benefits from this is who benefits from it in mexico and colombia and other places it's people who are heavily invested in the drug trade and i don't just necessarily mean those who are taking it there is a connection and that connection is very simple it is that the troops don't want to attack those people who are raising drugs not any blatant overwhelming comprehensive way because that just adds to the enemy list that they have to fight they are fighting all manner of taliban now different groups of taliban they're fighting people who are just pashtun and want them out of the country who may have been a prize taliban they don't want to add to that enemies list all the people who are raising drugs in afghanistan and making a profit from their. following this big story might want to know too in fifteen minutes times and i will bring you an expert opinion on it as well arty's bullet
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three are listed in afghanistan for us exactly why america's struggling to contain the insurgency despite its huge military superiority question we're trying to find out the answer later for you also on our website so we're asking what you think about the legacy of the ten year old not you patient this is what you're telling us again used to not change this last couple of hours that say just about half of you saying the war has brought the u.s. nothing but bloodshed in bankruptcy a third of the telling us those years are just turned afghanistan into the world's biggest heroin but a fifth of you this hour say you believe the occupation cleared the way put american invasion of pakistan in just thirty three percent of you they are voting to say the world is a safer place because of the war instantly and we say there are things out on the place because. it's such an american. target. field for. us.
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to be sure to bring peace and stability. but you. don't have to change. the afghan was bouncing in the u.k. which has the second largest number of troops deployed in the country hundreds of british soldiers have been killed since the conflict began adding more activists celebrities and politicians gathered in london protesting over a decade of war are these are the bennett reports from the capital. it's in the center the center of london and magic will sentiment in the public imagination here in britain is the forefront people very angry pay their way there in the first place obviously the period of time of deep cuts the most urgent was written with all this money in n.z. really being pumped into a seemingly unwinnable war in another life hundred million is a major development here you can say well no it is no reaching it's the right
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people is not going to see really how it might even affect. sounds interesting to. us you see the thirty thousand other people in new york in the in this case. civilians insurgents. i'll talk more about this is a high profile activist lauren booth journalist thank you thanks very much to for speaking to r.t. so why is the government still in britain still in this unwinnable war eve we've committed ten years of troops and political narrative to a pressing some of the poorest people on the planet it would be like rewriting a whole novel this government cannot go down an avenue and then take us out by saying actually we were wrong we had three hundred eighty soldiers die and tens of thousands of afghanis die by the troops led by america it's impossible for the government to extract themselves easily from this unfortunate affair from the
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course of human life and obviously the massive financial cost or is this done for britain's image on the international stage to say well let's not skip over the financial cost because eighteen billion eight hundred billion pounds sterling in the last ten years is what it's spent on the cup it's governments asking people here it's a pay cuts to the to say if you work in civic life you won't have any pensions and so that's unacceptable but as for britain's world view the government's consecutive lake of consecutive government still refuse to accept that their actions in afghanistan and in iraq and around the will. will affect how people see us and yet seven seven the bombings here in london the that the bombers say it was a direct response to the murders in afghanistan so of course britain is known as a terrorist state and frankly our government should be no. i was campaign a little booth talking to our teams are branded a bit earlier and our london bureau is there to keep you updated of course on the anti afghan war protests you can follow the latest from them in our twitter feed
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r.t. underscore comus what we got from so i mean one of the recent tweets quotes an activist who said enjoy your money and there's not enough water to wash the blood of your hands that's the latest we've got through you can also see footage of course cameras rolling the protests that artie's you tube channel. people rallied in the center of london they demanded an end not only to the afghan war but also to the ongoing intervention in libya r.t. spoke to one of the high profile speakers there with the leaks founder julian assange unsure about the military interventions and the libyan conflict in particular. the lesson for libya is. only to. speak by one those are the united states and europe. have gotten together to take over the country regional just a bit. low for i. think. it's very it's
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a very is no proof of this. should be a lesson to us every time that. it is a slippery slope it leads to. all understand. another country has suffered months of civil unrest is yemen man it's president announced on saturday that he's to step down in the coming days and follows nine months you may recall a violent protests with the opposition demanding an end to ali abdullah saleh is thirty three year rule and discuss this latest development is talk live now from london and the. president of the arab lawyers association this is a remote so thanks for being on the program. sellars been going out of power for so long do you actually believe this time he is serious about stepping down. over the last nine months i think you must have made a hundred in. speeches and in every single one of them he said he's going to leave
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in every single one of them he promised that he doesn't want to run as a president and every single one after he finished he stayed in power this is absolutely no different from anything before i think no one believes what he's saying is that americans were allowed to go back to they were people who are really believing this idea that he is on their side and he actually is on their side as far as the policy of the u.s. is concerned as long. as there are all of their demands will be achieved thank you . assassination of american citizens in yemen through the agencies of the. yemen and this is the reason why the people. against or a little just get this straight and so you say you don't think personally is going to go well we've got reports that you have an information minister has told some media outlets that he does not think that last survey will stand you disagree with
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that so what was this announcement about. well i think this man is willing to stand as long as it takes he is playing the same row saying that if the russians or the chinese can keep this syrian regime in there that americans will keep me here especially that he's willing to do anything there won't whether he with out there or against. iran or against iran as the americans wish is this man is staying in power as long as he can stick it out he had the. time to end his life when he went to saudi arabia it was an exit policy with the americans have organized with the gulf states so that he stays away and then somehow he can leave power but now that they're allowed to go it is very clear that they intend to keep him and it will take probably it's going to be. similar to the one we have in yemen whereby
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the americans will continue to have the. people continue to be killed and indeed the figures in yemen are increasing dramatically and i think i'd have who's been around for all this time he's not about to give up even if he's forced to then it's going to be is going to be the man behind the crown he's going to put one of his sons or his brother or one of the generals that he has been working with so can you spell out for me how you see this putting out over the next few months that you say the the ongoing violence the street violence is going to continue unfortunately. it will continue i have a fear that it will intensify i have a fear that other elements will get into the so far the the uprising has been extremely peaceful there are more in yemen per capita than anywhere else in the world yet there was no use of by the demonstrators by people who are revolting
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i think with the use of force that the government is that acting on the people it is not too long before people will begin to respond specially that there are some elements of the army that have changed sides from the people so i think we are heading for more bloodshed and i think he is not likely to go i cannot see the situation stabilizing and the next six months if he does stay put as you say i guess it's all part of the algo of the syrian leader president assad as well he's facing a lot of pressure as well to go but if you see you know another arab leader i guess is part of his elbow to you yet this is this is how it is being viewed by those people whether one looks at that said or look at. the end of the day they think they can withstand the uprising that the syrians counting on the idea that people will get there and yemen is indeed counting. its counting on that but it doesn't
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look like it i don't think either in syria or in yemen people having broken the wall of fear they are not going to go back to where they're where and i think it is incumbent on the governments both in yemen and in syria to actually make dramatic scene changes. people replacing the heads of the state and change some of the and then once they have been abusing the people less this happens i think we are likely to see the continuation of the slaughter of civilians in these two countries thank you say what the president of the. for his life but very much appreciate it. well it's in the middle east much of europe and the usa as well street protests could be seen as a running theme in world of these days the occupy wall street movement spread to dozens of american cities including the capital of washington d.c. that's anti corporate protests in new york and their fourth week the city's mayor
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lashed out at demonstrators saying their actions are hurting the economy the test is whether insistence the greed of just one percent of u.s. population that drove the country to financial chaos in the first place i despise big brother is on a case by many of those camping out in the well organized and they say they've got a clear agenda results reason is to see a truck and a fact that. these are. people you know. accused of being kissed and disorganized the occupy wall street encounter is far from chaotic it is a small village broken up into themed sections better organized than i thought it would be. really happy sad that there isn't a clear leader. the organization and the way that it's being but at the same. every part seems to be panned out by some by the medical area staffed by volunteers
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provides on the spike assistance the confort area supply sweaters and blankets to keep demonstrators warm as the season gets chilly or while they don't need it sleeping dads pileup as the number of protesters grows bigger the district attorney termites if you're from richmond virginia. kitchen providing a traditional american breakfast bread bagels and peanut butter and jelly plant roots are used to filter water here we have breakfast seven thirty in the morning people go to breakfast foods great cereal we have lunch and we have snacks continually throughout the day dinner at seven thirty. a media center has been broadcasting a live stream from day one of the protests for already three weeks videos film during clashes with police are posted online from these laptops you've got people coming in running in here i mean you know adrenaline rush with cameras i got footage i got footage you know processing footage getting it online and simultaneously having people tweet you know on facebook when
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a social media using social media and to get it out get the message out of what's happening as quick as possible why feeds of the protests are being followed by supporters across the u.s. and the world of the viewership really goes up as you keep a steady content you know provision information is also spread and more traditional ways the status board helps protesters keep up to keep the occupation developments he's been trying to run up occupy wall street zero chance of rain the number of arrests to date at over eight hundred and thirty four. a library area let's protesters relax and educate themselves literature getting most tastes fiction nonfiction magazines you get a kid section we got c.d.'s we had beauties a guy drop out what struck memories i'll keep my wall street prides itself on being a peaceful grassroots democratic movement without leaders there are just different decisions made by different groups if there's a if there is to be some decision that's going to supposedly speak on heart on
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behalf of everyone here but now we need to happen at the evening general assembly and we need to be consensus on by everyone here all of the many cooks in this kitchen are here to cook up one thing a revolution of change in america as they see churkin our party and look. more reaction for you from the protests of wall street next hour. i mean thirty five words that up i well they found by one percent of the population if you're going to be that wealthy you should have to pay a tax to be that wealthy as waves of public cross the us we take a closer look at what i. to this actually. one of our top story the tenth anniversary of the afghan war big mark this weekend washington's trying to mend ties with one of its main allies in the war pakistan relations of recently been hit by mutual accusations and political differences but
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his military analysts have been a khrushchev reports now from afghanistan. this is the commanding height that dominates this sweeping view was the area of kabul the afghan capital. right behind me and the reason bad three weeks ago was under the twenty hour we'll see by the how going to an airport let's take a closer look at what went wrong with the global war on terror first after al qaeda central radio ploy to the pashtun tribal belt along the afghan pakistani border the state department filed a request with pakistan for cooperation against osama bin laden going to slam about brazenly ignored the diplomatic requests from washington d.c. with their middle finger behind their back to see if they could and should have saved the day by activating their formidable human intelligence network in
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afghanistan to conduct a clone dance time body snatching mission and to bring osama bin laden to justice but they just blew it looking back at the operation enduring freedom the question is not what went wrong with this mission the question is what prevents in the w. bush administration to look at all other options and for starters to make sure that pakistan real be treated as a reliable ally not after god before the nine eleven did strike the united states. but without his military and i said going to khrushchev with his assessment from afghanistan. and grief now this saturday night buses crashed into a cliff and in easy is java island it's killed four people injured a dozen others three dutch to restore among the dead and investigations into underway but early reports suggest poor road conditions and overcrowding on the bus
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with significant fact is it comes just a month after a similar crash of the island killed ninety. thousands of students of march through italy's capitol protesting against education cuts they threw paint and flares of banks and tried to block railway lines but were eventually dispersed by police demonstrators say the event marks a new wave of what's been called off thoughts of which last year saw several thousand people clash with police italy recently signed off forty five billion euros of cuts to tackle is. coming up to twenty hundreds of coming up rather of three hundred g.m.t. a brand new show on this channel guests robert foster delves into the depths of the debt stricken global economy is a quick preview of what to expect was unique style in his recession rap deal little spiciness the us crushed them and it smashed that ceiling of fourteen trillion just in clashes in the i.m.f. in both structurally unjust programs in greece that's what an economy based on
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language from the greek economy of union household management will be managing is a problem but in practice it might actually know what the hell's even happening. more that a couple of hours time now the time to discover more of russia in our close up series. well looking at that map today we're traveling to the pens a region about six hundred kilometers southeast of moscow grand the states there inspired some russians greatest writers including on top of but as i've explained some of the places which rose writers passions the most in the past place an uncertain future in. a tale of two states some family a modest country see that in saurus times survived on farming and small scale manufacturing it happened to be the child of one of russia's most legendary figures
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. a child prodigy a fiery tempered soldier. and finally a great romantic poet the novelist he died in a jewel at the age of twenty seven while little of his work was composed there is varied in the family more slowly and. now two hundred people and after this straight as in the nineteenth century has become the main employer for adjacent villages. direct descendants of the serfs who worked here. for their jobs. some get to play the aristocracy for the benefit of tourists. the numbers are growing there is no need for this day to turn a profit. of family maybe and as good a state as one the poor himself was living out the ground in the area which are just as important. but which are not getting care and funding one of russia's grand
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palaces well not anymore in its heyday in the nineteenth century crack you know was the self-sufficient cultural center for the benefit of the diamond prince alexander cracking and. soviet times it served as a warehouse and a home for dementia sufferers before falling into disrepair needed the government nor any private investors who put in the millions of dollars needed to rebuild it. now. on the one hand you can turn all of these the states into museums and the lifestyle they supported has gone on the other if the situation continues as it is it will simply disappear and that is a fact i think you know if you have the villages of cracking or have decided to fly there never people going from house to house to collect donations and lying employ in volunteers they have to restore the state building by building starting with
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a cemetery chapel. we're not professional restorers we call little money for materials we only do what we can do we don't want to be thought of as savages who do not understand where we live we want one or our ancestors. the face of daunting task but if they don't for build it no one else will. either of know. the region. coming your way on this show all to you in a few minutes thousands driven from their homes palestinians fight for their rights in one of the first israeli settlements in the west bank it's explored in our latest exile report for you before but i'll recap our top stories i'm kevin and thanks for being with us tonight.
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